What To Eat On Keto Diet, Hiatal Hernia Diet, Weight Loss Pill That Are Small, Effective Weight Loss UP NSRI. help. Recovering his card, Yue Yi also said seriously You re really welcome, then we will leave first. Xu Yan said quickly Okay, okay, then you should also pay attention on the way. After a pause, he continued I have this money, and I will return it to you as soon as possible. Su Linglu smiled and nodded Okay, don t worry about this, taking good care of the child is the most important thing. Farewell to Xu Yan, the young couple walked out of the hospital hand in hand. After getting in the car, Yue Yi asked, Do you know who owns that child Whose child belongs to Su Linglu felt a little puzzled when she heard this, Are you asking, who is the child s father you know Yue Yi nodded, and said seriously I m afraid you don t believe it, the child s father is Chen Zhenhui. Su Linglu was shocked when she heard what Yue Yi said, What did you Best For Women Hiatal Hernia Diet Trusted By Celebrities say You said that little boy is Chen Zhenhui s child Seeing his wife a little excited, he didn t rush to Hiatal Hernia Diet start the car, but answered calmly Yes, that child is Chen Zhenhui. Although Su Linglu is no longer excited, she is still obviously shocked Chen Zhenhui s illegitimate son Yue Yi nodded Actually, you have also seen that the little boy is the same age as Yunyun, Xinxin, and Xuanxuan. Su Linglu pondered In this way, Chen Zhenhui already had children before he met Dong Wanxiu Yue Yi continued Yes, that woman and Chen Zhenhui are college classmates, but Mr. Chen is firmly opposed to being together. I told my wife Hiatal Hernia Diet what Xu Yan told me. After listening to the story, foods to lose weight fast Su Linglu was a little excited Chen Zhenhui is a scumbag, bastard. Yue Yi comforted his wife and said, Don t get excited, Chen Zhenhui probably didn t know about her pregnancy at that time. But even if he doesn t know, he is a big man, doesn t he know to fight with his family Give up the slimthin foods woman you love so much The more Su Linglu thinks about it, the more angry she gets, Or, he has never loved this stupid woman who gave birth to him and raised a child Yue Yi sighed and said, Chen Zhenhui, or the people of the Chen family, are all people who value interests. In Hiatal Hernia Diet comparison, the Li family still has such a human touch. After all, those members of the Li 30 day diet plan to lose weight fast family are still in harmony with each other. The Chen family doesn t seem to be so harmonious, and the Chen family values interests too much. Everyone pays attention to one interest. Su Linglu also nodded and said Yes, Grandpa once said that he thinks the Chen family values interests most. Actually, the Chen family s interest is clearly seen from what Xingshi has done over the years. Basically, Xingshi will not easily sign any newcomers. Once signed by Xingshi, he will be asked to come out as soon as possible. Achievement. If it fails to produce results, Xingshi will force its artists to participate in various commercial performances in large numbers if they cannot recover their early investment. Relying on the high profits from the business performances, to make up Hiatal Hernia Diet for the investment of Star Stone in the newcomers. It is equivalent to saying that the newcomer is is chicken a fatty food signed, and the newcomer is completely regarded as labor and will do everything possible to squeeze. Therefore, many newcomers were afraid to sign with Xingshi, and turned to Xingmeng s embrace, at least Xingmeng was softer. However, it Hiatal Hernia Diet is precisely because of the supremacy of Starstone s interests that Starstone has become the overlord of the Asia Pacific music industry, and even has the right to speak in the global music industry. Coupled with the decline of Su s music department over the years, it can be said that Xingshi Shandan has surpassed Su s influence in music. Su Linglu pondered for a moment and suddenly said We have this kind of handle in our hands, just to coerce Chen Zhenhui, let him not be arrogan

slim in 6 diet plan pdft, and let Dong Wanxiu give up fighting for children. Yue Yi reached out and held his wife s hand and said This is how many grams of fat a day also What I think, so we can t show this hole card out for the time being. Su Linglu asked with some worry But, do you think Chen Zhenhui will transfer the mother and son Yue Yi smiled and said, You want It s too much, even if it s transferred and the people are still there, it s Hiatal Hernia Diet not good for him and the Chen family to burst out. Su Linglu nodded That s right, okay, just drive, I m a little worried about the little girls now. Started the car helplessly, and said with a smile You, you really look more and more like a mother now. Su Linglu mumbled and said, What s the matter Are you despising me now While reversing, he quickly probed over and kissed. The wife said No, I like it better. Su Linglu was attacked and immediately slapped her husband Oh, you are necrotic, and people ignore you in such a sneak attack. Seeing the cute look of his wife, she smiled. He smiled and said, Okay, okay, quickly do it, fasten the seat belt, and we are going. The wife obediently sat upright, then pulled the seat belt over and asked her husband to help her buckle it up. After buckling his wife s seat belt, he raised his head Hiatal Hernia Diet and kissed his wife again. Then, ignoring his wife s anger, he started the car and slowly drove out of the hospital parking lot, rushing to Su s. The young couple drove away and Xu Yan, who was still waiting for her child in the hospital, couldn t help but start playing drums. After being discovered by Yue Yi, would you go to trouble Chen Zhenhui Do you want to call Chen Zhenhui But they helped themselves that way, and they treated their sons how to lose belly and waist fat that way. Xu Yan was caught in a dilemma. Some did not know how to weigh the beloved man and the kind person. After weighing it repeatedly, Xu Yan finally gave up the idea of calling Chen Zhenhui. Did not call Chen Zhenhui, and even gave up to report the collision of his son. Sue the other party. Because it was clear in my heart, even if I told Chen Zhenhui, I am afraid that the other party would not be able to rush to take a look at his son now. I didn t say anything at all, but first took care of my son, who is now the only thing I own. Fortunately, Yue Yi helped pay the fee, and at least temporarily, he should be able to let the child receive treatment. Thinking of this, I unconsciously started to feel a keto snacks sweet little bit self satisfied again. It was my original choice, and now I have harmed my child. There is no way to Hiatal Hernia Diet give his son a complete family. Now that his son has something like this, he can t help but start to cry again. Xu Yan is a very strong woman, otherwise it would be impossible to return to this city. She has never actively approached Chen Zhenhui, or even asked Hiatal Hernia Diet Chen Zhenhui 200 calorie lunches to pay a penny of support. It s just that the stronger the woman, the more often she gets hurt in the end, and she gets hurt again and again. After changing his clothes, he walked into the icu, came to his son s bed, and looked at his son who was covered in bandages. Tears couldn t stop streaming down, in the palm of the son s palm. As if perceiving the tears of his mother, Chen Sichong gradually recovered. Feeling someone holding his does cycling lose weight hand, excited but weakly shouting Dad, dad, don t go. Hearing his son s cry, Xu Yan quickly held his son s hand and said a little excitedly Chong Chong, Chong Chong Look at mom. Then he stood up, pressed the bell on the side of the bed, held his son s little hand tightly and waited for the doctor to Hiatal Hernia Diet arrive. Soon, the doctor and nurse walked in, checked Chen Sicong, and then said, Well, there is basically no leagle weight loss pill that works major problem. You can transfer to the general ward tomorrow. Remember that the child cannot drink or eat today. Xu Yan I will hang s


Hiatal Hernia Diet

what-really-works-for-weight-loss ome nutritious things easy eating for the child, and then I will ask the nurse to send you a cotton swab. If the child s mouth is dry, apply some water to his lips, but the child cannot drink water. Remember Xu Yan nodded quickly Yes, okay, okay, I, quick weight loss plan for one week I remember. The doctor checked again and asked, Where is the child s father Why are you alone You are the only one. People watch it all day and night, right Yue Yi drove Su Linglu to Su clan. At this time, in the huge meeting room inside Su clan, everyone gathered here to watch the first program sample. The three little girls followed by the three grandmothers, it can be said that it is really another focus of the audience. Calling all kinds of uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters from time to time, let the three little girls get a lot Hiatal Hernia Diet of good things. Even the three elders of the Li family, Chen family, and Tang family present gave the three little girls big red envelopes on the spot. Also because of the presence of the old men from three families, although Dong Wanxiu came with her husband, she did not dare to get too close to the little girls. The little girls are very free, around the three grandma s side, from time to time Whisper a few words together. Sometimes I see interesting places on the show, and chat with the beautiful grandma and grandma after the song, and ask about what I saw. The two grandmothers knew everything, and even the grandmother after the song took the opportunity to teach Hiatal Hernia Diet the little girls some singing skills. Sitting next to Chen Zhenhui, Dong Wanxiu almost never left her three daughters. As a mother, I really want to go there and make friends with my three daughters. But because on such an occasion, and there are three old men there, so I can only bear it. The most important thing was the presence of Aunt Chen, which made Dong Wanxiu more or less a little confused. The broadcast time of the program is not fast. Although it has been edited, there are still some discussions in some places. Although neither Yue Yi nor max health weight loss reviews Su Linglu were present, almost all the people in charge of the show were present. Therefore, when someone asks questions, or some opinions, they will be recorded by a dedicated person. If it is modified, it needs to be reviewed by Yue Yi Hiatal Hernia Diet before it can be determined whether to modify it. Fortunately, the overall effect of the program is good, and the program duration of more than two hours after editing can be said to be very rich. Whether it is the interpretation of each player, the various comments of the five judges on the scene, and even the insertion of some preparations, the whole program is very rich, very diverse, and very real. In particular, some of the real emotional reactions of a certain player on the how many grams of fat a day scene really moved everyone present. Even when the first one to be recognized by the five judges and directly promoted appeared, everyone in the conference room clapped unconsciously. It is really not easy. A singer who sings wonderfully makes everyone feel that he should pass the test. The three little girls were gradually attracted, and thought this show was really interesting. Those uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters really work hard Hiatal Hernia Diet in various ways, either singing or playing musical instruments. That big sister just now felt good singing. Ah, I think the uncle in front also sang very well. Ha, that violin played well. The three little girls also had their own judgments, standing The three grandma s side commented on the contestants on the show. When they saw the rest, the three little girls even began to guess whether the person performing the show could be recognized by the judges. This person can you really lose weight by drinking water is not bad. I think he will definitely get at least three stars. Yeah, I don t think it will work. He has gone out Hiatal Hernia Diet of tun

what weighs 5 lbse for a while. He definitely won t get three stars. Ha, yes, he should be Eliminated. Sure enough, the result came out. The player who was a little out of tune only got two stars and 5 foods that burn belly fat fast was eliminated. See the players eliminated diet changes to lose weight Junjun is also a little uncomfortable with the lost scene of the movie It s so strict, I feel that I actually sing pretty well. Xinxin didn t feel strict on the contrary, and whispered Ah, Yunjun, so many people, if you are not strict with thisIt s unfair to others So it s better Hiatal Hernia Diet to be stricter. Hearing Xinxin s words, Hiatal Hernia Diet Junjun thought for a while and nodded and said, It seems right, Hiatal Hernia Diet so many people came to participate in the competition. Xuan Xuan watched by the side. Suddenly said Ha, look, it s a drum kit. Then he heard the person on the screen knocking for a while, and he was eliminated by the bright cross before he finished the knock. Junjun covered her little ear and said, Oh, he, he hasn t knocked well yet. Xinxin nodded, Yes, yes, Didaxuan is much better than him. Xuanxuan got it. She praised her, but she still said blankly Ha, Xuan Xuan is great. About halfway through the show, Yue Yi and Su Linglu walked in hand in hand. The Hiatal Hernia Diet program was immediately suspended in the conference room, so that the young couple could walk in and go to the children. When the children saw that Aunt was coming, they ran and rushed into Aunt s arms. But the moment they got into my aunt s arms, the three little girls frowned almost simultaneously. How smelly is Dad It smells so bad. Yeah, yes, Best For Women Hiatal Hernia Diet Trusted By Celebrities it smells. Ha, it smells. The so called stinky by the three little girls is naturally bloody. Yue Yi had no time to take a bath because he had to rush over, so he could only change his clothes downstairs and accompany his wife. Although the clothes are changed, the smell on the body has not been completely removed. When the mother heard the children, she also pulled her son to her side and sniffed carefully. Then he frowned and asked, What s the matter Why do weight lose tip you smell bloody Yue Yi smiled and said, It s okay. Those are not mine, but a child. There was a car accident. I took him Hiatal Hernia Diet to the rescue. Stained with can you lose weight without exercise but eating healthy blood. The child Was hit by a car Is it still covered in blood Is this whole foods chicken chili serious The two mothers and Aunt Chen were a little surprised, looking at the young couple with shocked faces. Yue Yi immediately said It s okay, it s okay. The doctor said that there is no life threatening. Then, without asking the mothers, he pointed to the screen and said, Well, let s watch the show first. At this time, although the three little girls wanted to get close to their aunt, they hated the smell and felt Hiatal Hernia Diet a little embarrassed for a while. Yue Yi saw what the three daughters meant, and said with a smile Don t come here, just by grandma s side. The three little girls were a little unha