What Is Keto Diet, Biggest Discount Top 10 Lectin Free Diet, Ways To Lose Stomach Fat At Home. et it, if they were interested, they would have come back to see me long ago. I couldn t help but think of the eldest son and grandchildren who came back this time. It really disappointed Grandpa Dai. Unexpectedly, the son and grandchildren who hadn t seen for many years came back like this. It really is. Somewhat frustrated, he no longer had any expectations for his children. After a hundred years, he left the old house Lectin Free Diet to Yue Yi to deal with, I believe there will be a good result. Yue Yi led the children i lost 10 pounds in a month out The hospital then greeted the little guys to get in the car and slowly drove out of the hospital. Along the way, Yue Yi was still thinking about what happened between Lao Dai and his children Will the relationship become so difficult Even if it is true. The contradiction has been passed for so many years, can it really be Lectin Free Diet impossible to resolve it But after thinking about it, it seems that there is no way to resolve the contradiction in the face of the old son after Dai s return. When Yue Yi sighed, the one in the back row The little girls suddenly started yelling. Dad, Dad, can we let Grandpa Tai also come to see our performance tomorrow Ah, yes, let Grandpa Tai go too, otherwise he will stay alone in the hospital and be very lonely. Ha, you can pick up Grandpa, and then everyone will go together. Hearing the yelling of the little Weight Loss Guide Lectin Free Diet Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD) guys, Yue Yi responded with a smile I m afraid it won t work. Why why Why The three little girls immediately asked. Yue Yi explained patiently Because Grandpa Tai just woke up and needs more rest, so he can t go out and walk around. From the reversing mirror, bajar I saw the little girls bowing their heads a little lost, and then soothed. Actually, we can record the video and show it back to Grandpa Dai. In this way, the little girls immediately became happy, thinking that it would be okay to record the video for Grandpa Dai to watch. Drive the little girls back home, the little girls just got out of the car and fasting ketosis walked out of the garage. I saw the big tabby cat lying on the edge of the small pond, flicking with the water with his cat s paw. In the pool, the koi seemed to be attracted by the tabby cat, and all gathered around the tabby cat. The little girls found it interesting, so they squatted on the other side of the Lectin Free Diet pond and watched quietly. Soon I saw Lectin Free Diet that the koi in the pond seemed to be diet to lose 3 pounds a week attracted by the cat s paws, one by one, rushing to peck the paw of the cat. However, Yue Yi quickly saw the clues and found that something seemed to be stained on the cat s paws, attracting those fishes. Seeing this, I couldn t help sighing in my heart Is this cat really refined Can you even tease fish After teasing by Lectin Free Diet the pond for a while, it seemed that there was nothing on the cat s paws, and then the cat turned and got into the grass beside it. After a while, the tabby cat went back to the pond again, and stretched her paw into the pond again. Soon, the fish gathered again and kept pecking at the cat s little paw. Yue Yi couldn t help feeling curious, wondering what was on the cat s paw that would attract those fish So, quietly bypassing the small pond, cam

easy diets to lose weight quicke to the little grass where the cat got into. At a glance, there was a small hole in the grass that seemed to have been dug out by a cat. Soon, the tabby cat came back again and digged in the Lectin Free Diet small pit for a long time. Then he dig out an earthworm and grabbed the earthworm with the cat s paw. Seeing this scene, I was really surprised. I didn t expect this flower cat to have such a hand. It seems that it s not the first time that the tabby cat is so adept. It can t help but think of the small fish tank in Dai s home. Sure enough, every time the tabby cat came back and squatted on the Lectin Free Diet edge of the fish tank, it was not going to catch those little fish. Instead, they caught some bugs from the outside and came back and put them in the fish tank to feed the fish. This move lose pregnancy weight after giving birth is really interesting, and Lectin Free Diet the big tabby cat still does easy to stick to diet it when it comes here. Understanding the behavior of the tabby cat, Yue Yi returned to the children and explained the story to the children carefully. The three Lectin Free Diet little girls were stunned, thinking that the tabby cat is really good, and it will even feed the fish. Wow, our Huahua is great, and we can catch bugs and feed the fish by ourselves. Ah, Huahua is great, so smart. Ha, Xuan got the 4 5 Xuan is also going to catch bugs and feed the fish with Huahua. Seeing Xuan Xuan rolling up her sleeves, she wanted to walk over there, and Yue Yi quickly pulled the little girl. Hehehe, don t catch small bugs, we actually have fish food to feed the fish. Xinxin also clapped her hands and said, Yeah, right, right, we have fish food, we go to feed the fish together. Led by Yi, the little girls brought the fish food to the side of the tabby cat and fed the fish in the pond with the tabby cat. By the pond, a big tabby cat, three little girls, and fish in the pond formed a very beautiful picture. Yue Yi stood by, watching all this quietlyI really feel that this home is really beautiful. After the fish were full, they became naughty and sprayed water from the pond to the top. Seeing this scene, the little girls laughed happily, but webmd healthy eating the tabby cat exploded all over his body like a enemy. The little girls saw the tabby cat Lectin Free Diet as if it was facing an enemy, and quickly reached out to pet the tabby cat to soothe it. Don t be afraid of Huahua, Yu er is playing with you. Yeah, yes, don t be angry with Huahua, they are not intentional. Ha, Huahua is good, don t be afraid. Su Linglu heard from the yard Voice, came out holding his son, and saw three girls, cats and fishes having fun by the pond. On Sunday, as agreed in advance, Yue Yi took his three daughters out early in the morning. First of all, it is natural to go to Yin Wenwen s house and pick up Yin Wenwen and her grandma. Then the group went straight to the Musical Instrument Street, to the small courtyard of Grandpa Sun, preparing for some performances today. It was the first time Yin Wenwen came to weight gain sites Grandpa Sun, and she was curious about Lectin Free Diet everything in the small courtyard from the moment she walked in. The little girl had never thought that there would be such a quiet little yard in such a noisy musical instrument street. The yard is filled wit


type-g-weight-loss h all kinds of flowers, and there are trees of various colors, just like a paradise. Under the leadership of the three little girls from the Su family, Yin Wenwen quickly walked around the entire courtyard of Lao Sun. Sun Lao and Yue Yi discussed some things drop pounds in a week on today s performance, especially how to arrange the performance. Although Lectin Free Diet the repertoire was given to the Folk Music Department of the Conservatory of Music in advance, the 200 pound woman 5 7 repertoire was not arranged. According to Yue Yi s idea, it is to use a more pure and natural performance to highlight the improvisational feeling of performance in the Musical Instrument Street. Grandpa Sun, I think you will start at that time, so that everyone can follow your rhythm according to your start, and then it is equivalent to big body best an impromptu performance. Old Sun couldn t help laughing. The arrangement of times is always so unexpected. Yue Yi, you always have exercises that burn stomach fat these weird ideas every time. Do you really think that improvisation will be good Yue Yi smiled and nodded, Of course, although there may be some temporary problems, we just want to It s true. Mr. Sun also nodded and agreed Let s do it, then follow your arrangements. When the children of the folk music department arrive, I will tell them. Yue Yi thought for a while and said, That s right, Grandpa Sun. I also invited some students from the Xiqu Academy over. Old Sun couldn t help feeling a little surprised Oh Do you still want to perform live opera performances Yue Yi smiled and responded It s not considered opera performance, rightIn fact, there are some songs that may need their cooperation. Old Sun thought about some songs that he wanted to know in advance. Then he nodded kilo tt review to express his understanding. Well, there are indeed a few tunes, and the tune is very operatic. Maybe someone from the opera academy is really needed. Some arrangements have been made. It is considered that the various performances are considered late. I have to admit that Yue Yi s consideration is still very thorough, mainly highlighting a traditional folk music art. Because the program itself is a propaganda about folk music, it is naturally based on the performance of folk music. Of course, whether it is live singing or some Lectin Free Diet opera singing, it can be regarded as a kind of cooperation. The purpose is naturally to highlight the theme of folk music, and to highlight the charm of folk music. It didn t take long for the people to meet one after another. The teachers and students of the folk music department came first. Teacher Lectin Free Diet Cai is still responsible for leading the team and bringing some outstanding students from the folk music department. The students came to Sun Lao s house and were really shocked by the layout of Lectin Free Diet the small courtyard. Especially for those students who have never been here, the first time they see Lao Sun s courtyard, they really feel as if they are back Lectin Free Diet in ancient times. When the teachers and students of the folk music department were amazed, they suddenly heard the sound of drums and pianos in the room. Then a group of people leaned in front of the door and looked in, and saw four little girls playi

examples of ketogenic dietng inside. The repertoire played by the little girls is very well known in the folk music department, and it comes from Yue Yi and Sun Lao s hands. Junjun s Erhu, Xinxin s Guzheng, and Xuan Xuan s drum are really fun to work together. And Lectin Free Diet Yue Yi quickly joined in, picked up a flute, and also played music to accompany the three little girls. Yin Wenwen stood aside, watching the little sisters performance, as if the door to a Lectin Free Diet new world was opened in an instant. Under the euphemistic tune, my aunt led the Lectin Free Diet three little girls to perform this song of funeral flowers in front of everyone, which really amazed the folk music students. When they got here, the Lectin Free Diet students finally understood why the teacher would bring them here to perform. When you walk outside, you will feel that this is a street of Western musical instruments. But in this small courtyard, there is no Westernization here, the best diet food and all of them are traditional nationalization. After the performance, losing weight medical meaning the little girls suddenly heard applause outside and realized that many people had already arrived. The four little girls hurriedly walked out of the house, and then rushed directly to the aunt s side to hide. Looking at the big brothers and sisters present, the little girls really felt very curious. Then, in order to alleviate the estrangement with the little girls, the folk music students soon began to play. Everyone brought out their own instruments, and then played an ensemble for the children in the courtyard of Grandpa Sun. I have to admit that these folk music students The formed small orchestra, when played together, is simply more powerful. The four little girls were quickly attracted, feeling that the performance of these big brothers and sisters is really great. With the performance of the music, the remaining people came one after another, and some other children also arrived. Zhao Xiang also came with his classmates from the Chinese Traditional Opera Academy, and even Shang Xiaodie came with Cheng Lao. The last ones who came were naturally Yang Mengmeng and Yue Qi and a group of people how to lose fat easy and fast from their program group. Just as I rushed here, natural healthy foods I ran into someone in the small courtyard playing a fishing boat and singing night. Yang Mengmeng was very decisive and asked the photographer to set up the camera before entering the door and directly recorded the performance. This can be regarded as a very Chinese style piece, and it is also a piece often played by the folk music department. When the music of the Guzheng sounded, the feeling of seeing the sparkles really made people feel like being on the riverbank at dusk. At this moment, a group of people listening really felt the charm of folk music for the first time. Maybe the song is a bit old, without the passion of pop music, but it is the kind of gentle and subtle music that makes people feel softer, as if the breeze on the river at dusk is blowing on the removing fat from belly face, and you are in the fishing boat that comes home with the sunset. On. After the song was played, applause broke Lectin Free Diet out from inside and outside the courtyard, and at the same time, the live broadcast room that Yue Yi had already