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different from that of shenzhou, but it is still able to understand the clues the formation method is located in the north of buzhou perhaps it is jin zhafeng, which needs.To be confirmed the formation of hezhou can only see the general direction luzhou s formation, nine out of ten, is the star lake to the west of luzhou s original boundary, although it is marked by the formation method, it is now a vast sea.And it is impossible to be refined even so, it is still amazing although animal Harmony Cr skins are ancient and outdated, the maps on animal skins are not trivial from the known shenzhou enclave, and the formation of buzhou and luzhou, it can be.Concluded that some people have deployed five formations in the world based on public maps each formation is extremely huge and consumes a lot of manpower and financial resources what is the purpose of such a cost perhaps as the character of.The map said five yuan tongtian, broken void the so called broken void is undoubtedly a journey through the heavens and away from the sugical mask sky does the jade temple use the power of the formation to open a shortcut to the sky reminiscent of the.Mysterious book of heaven , or is it related to the legendary catastrophe and what is cdc recommendations the matter, maybe only the master of the jade temple can reveal the truth and solve the final mystery hey, ling er, if it is not your unintentional move, Harmony Cr i.Am afraid that no one can discover this secret of the jade temple hee, just by coincidence in my opinion, the ghost and demon two families have also been deceived by tianshu, and the five yuan pass the sky formation method, is the real.Attempt of the jade temple verify uh he stood up without blame and looked far away but see wanshan jingxiu, the scenery is infinite he was Harmony Cr excited, and sighed if such a magnificent world, once ruined, how should you and I whether it was the.Divination of the qi san people in the past, or today s book of heaven , and the mysterious tongtian array method, all point to that a legendary catastrophe as for when the catastrophe came, the use of the celestial array method, and the.Attempt of the jade temple were not yet known and as long as the world collapses Harmony Cr and the destruction of all spirits, it makes people shudder it s important to find your brother, and then try to deal with the ghost and demon two families if.The jade temple contains a conspiracy, there will eventually be a day when the truth is revealed it has to be so nodded blamelessly and turned around linger models stood up and stood side by side with him, and the small face like jade glowed.With the glow of purple handbags ebay zhaoxia s smooth and increasingly charming I decorative surgical face masks saw her holding jade jade and animal skin in her hand, and said Harmony Cr softly and put this thing away you hold it, you can also refer to one or two in your spare time maybe, you and i.Will come in the future go to the formations around to find out the clues return to shenzhou well hehe, I want Harmony Cr to revisit xiling lake with bears and want to go to your re

d dust valley according to your drunkenness, not only is ziyan buried. In the valley there are also a group of poor women and a black dragon I also want to go to the qi family ancestral hall in fenghua valley he blamed the smile on linger s smile masks to buy and his heart was warm convenient at this time, a group of. Silhouettes flew to the top well, as the saying goes, it s not a family, don t enter a family there is only one linger that can hold you blameless in this world wei chunhua and wei shang, jiang Harmony Cr xuan, yan shuo, yan ri, in the valley rest in. The middle of the night, and the sky is bright, and no one has returned who would have expected a gentleman and a fairy to be high in the wind, facing each other with a strong Harmony Cr sense of affection nonsense without blame, embarrassed and. Hurriedly defended wei chunhua refused to be reluctant and retorted how can I talk nonsense, you are white faced, young people, but also like to get rid of flowers and grass, how many women secretly moved their hearts the old advised you. The woman hates masquerade masks for sale jhb the most Harmony Cr it s the three four thirties old lady, you shut up with a blame, he stepped up from the air, and the embarrassed surgical tech programs in nh posture was like running away ling er smiled lightly, and said humbly without losing intimacy sister. Chunhua, brother, three taoist friends, let s go a group of seven people went on their way after many days, the journey went smoothly I didn t see the haunts of the ghost and demon two families, nor did I encounter abnormal Harmony Cr conditions ten. Days later among the high mountains in front, there are lakes of various sizes the sky is reflected, like a piece of bright mirror and the scenery is bizarre at the foot of one of the high mountains, on the shore of the lake, people have. Been waiting for a long time when blameless with ling er, wei chunhua, wei shang, yan shuo and yan ri fall from the sky fifteen people including wu hao, lin yanxi and xun wanzi who came to the stage first came forward there is a fairy gate. Here, it is said to be baixi gate the brothers arrived half a day early and looked on the spot, and there were no people on the mountain Harmony Cr and no trace of the ghosts and ghosts , and wait for mr wu to come and rest on the spot ling er Harmony Cr fairy. When everyone gathered, it germs wiki was inevitable to greet one or two respiratory meaning wu hao, lin yanxi, xun wanzi and others were busy telling what they saw and heard without blame, so as to be more careful gao yunting took advantage Harmony Cr of the chaos and got close to. Ling er, whisperingly begged fairy wushuang, and heaven and man this guy s lustful nature doesn t change, especially linger s beauty was shocked to him by heaven bache pleased, and finally gave him a chance today unexpectedly, his voice. Fell, and a slap in the face snapped he is still dizzy, and the person has left the ground flew out until pun fell a few feet away, and then he came back and screamed in surprise fairy breathing anger the sudden movement made all the people. Present froze linger fairy, hit someone the

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y are all their own brothers, why not be merciless at all not only that, but when the figure flashed, linger had arrived in front of gao yunting without masks respirators saying a word, he wiki disease kicked again and slammed it.Hard ah rao ming not to mention ling er s age and appearance after all, she is a master of the eighth floor of dixian, and teaching a person a junior simply doesn t require much effort gao yunting was stepped on his head and his cheek was on.The ground it was difficult to struggle he was frightened and scared linger still carried the skirt and stepped water respirator on one Harmony Cr foot there was no trace of waves on leng ruosong s face, and he said coldly those who are frivolous, so bold admiration.Only not frivolous alas gao yunting s cry was extremely miserable wu hao and others lived with him for a long time, and they couldn t bear it, and were busy mr wu, all his own brothers, and be kind to one or two as everyone knows, the.Relationship between the fairy fairy and mr wu is very good, if want to save gao yunting, can only find mr wu to intercede there is no blame for a moment, it is already a strange smile, turned around and walked away, waved hands sister.Chunhua, brother wei, brother lin, and go to the mountain to see wei chunhua and Harmony Cr wei shang, lin yanxi nodded and agreed to take off and flew straight to the top of the mountain linger glanced over her head and called, no blame, wait for me.And before she left, she kicked again gao yunting rolled for a few laps, and finally got rid of the catastrophe, struggling to climb up hurriedly wu Harmony Cr hao was furious and hated huh, it s really losing the faces of the brothers li yuan and wan.Zhengqiang were equally embarrassed and simply avoided it the rest of the people rested on the spot, but they did not forget to cast their eyes in disgust instead, mu yeqing went over and sighed brother gao, you don t want to live anymore.How do you say this gao yunting just felt wronged and defended I I just flattered, it s not rude, and there is no evil you mu yeqing was kindly reminded, and immediately said you are confused there is only mr wu in the eyes of linger fairy.How can you let you take a look fortunately mr Harmony Cr wu is generous, otherwise her brother will be able to strangle you brother gao, you can do it for yourself the honest man was also angry mu yeqing flicked his sleeves and walked picture of a respirator away gao yunting.Froze in place, and a layer of cold sweat came from his forehead oh my god, I m so obsessed with it linger fairy is mr wu, how could he forget it but she is the same match, get angry, the same fierce and evil, the same can not provoke three.Or five hundred feet high stone mountain, covering more Harmony Cr than ten miles, surrounded by lake water, but also a beautiful place and there are only a few stone houses and abandoned cave houses under the mountain, and there is nothing like the.Weather of lingshan unless the cliff on the top of the mountain is engraved with the word baixi , it is hard to believe that this place is relat

ed to the so called baixi xianmen in front of the cliff at the top of the mountain, without any. Blame, the crowd looked up and looked at it but see the mountains and the lake waters but as far as the consciousness is concerned, there is still no abnormality no blame, could this trip be a mistake wei chunhua was anxious and puzzled wei. He and guangshan are not single handed, but 13 men if you come here, there should be traces no he blamed his arms, supported or mask his chin, frowned, and said helplessly mu yuan personally informed that baixi gate was infested by the demon clan. So wei he and guangshan sought out, who would not have seen the figure , I m afraid he lied to you this place may be baixi mountain, but it s not where the fairy gate is well, what makes Harmony Cr sense however, why did mu yuan deceive me how can i. Know lin yanxi only when the two are going to quarrel, persuade and say please be restless or have hidden feelings at this time, some people signaled out no blame, sister chunhua, brother, master how effective is airborne lin linger still standing in front of the. Cliff, he reached out and said, the word baixi, carved by a sword, originates from the ancient style, each has a size of more than a size, and is old, and looks disposable surgical masks simple the word white is a little strange, one of them is just like a sword. Pointing directly to the east, although it is abrupt, but it is implicitly legal jiugong matrix method is in accordance with derivation, the east gate where a Harmony Cr living in my view, perhaps the white river gate and another place is also unknown. Everyone looked tracks the sound, all nodded as said, the handwriting on the cliff was ordinary at first glance, and if it was carefully detailed, it Harmony Cr was indeed a golden hook and iron and hidden the rules the blameless surprise said ling er. S mind is meticulous, and Harmony Cr his wisdom Harmony Cr is extraordinary ling Harmony Cr er 3m occupational health smiled and said it s just a guess without blame, he waved hands repeatedly and urged and find it, and see if it s true or false brother lin, summoned the brothers to leave at. Dusk, a shadow of a figure fell on the top of the mountain according to ling er, the people searched east for a day, and the journey was thousands of Harmony Cr miles the four sides are still overlapping in mountains and rivers, and there are Harmony Cr no traces. And no lingshan it was too late to rest for the night the surroundings are either high mountains or lake water, mask protect but the top of the mountain is flat and suitable for resting it coincides with the