The Biological Research and Services Laboratory (BRSL) is one of the four research and technical laboratories of the Natural Sciences Research Institute (NSRI). It undertakes researches on molecular biology, natural products, and animal testing; provides biological assay services; conducts training workshops; and offers thesis assistance and student apprenticeship.


The BRSL was established in 1999 from what used to be the Electron Microscopy Laboratory. Since then it has expanded its research thrust and services. Over the years, it has done research in the fields of medical genetics, drug discovery, environmental pollutants, and ancient DNA analysis of bioarchaeological samples. In addition, the laboratory has offered services such as karyotyping and the conduct of bioassays such as cytotoxicity and genotoxicity assays. The lab has also trained numerous students, teachers, researchers, and other professionals in basic molecular biology techniques, laboratory animal handling, and plant chromosome preparation.


To promote public health by evaluating the toxicity of foods, drugs, natural extracts, cosmetics, and other substances

To undertake researches on:

  1. a) plant extracts for biological activities
  2. b) genotoxicity of environmental pollutants
  3. c) molecular biology of organisms


A leading laboratory in biological research


  1. Screening of plant extracts for bioactive compounds
  2. Genotoxicity of environmental pollutants
  3. Bioarchaeology
  4. Environmental microbiology of produce, air, soil, water
  5. Microalgal biofuel
  6. Risk assessment
  7. Microbial source tracking
  8. Drug discovery
  9. Molecular diagnostics (LAMP, LFA, RT-PCR)


Technical Services

Cytotoxicity test (cell viability test)
Genotoxicity test (Allium Test)
Microscopy (fluorescence, phase contrast)
Molecular biology assay
Equipment use
Research Assistance

Training Courses

Laboratory Animal Workshop
Basic Molecular Techniques Workshop
Plant Chromosome Preparation Workshop


Tel: +632 925 2961, +632 981 8500 local 3604
Fax: + 632 925 2962